The Buteyko Institute Method of breathing retraining is best known for its role in the management of asthma.

Coronavirus: For Asthmatics there has never been a more important time to correct your breathing. Virus infect via breathing primarily and mouth breathers have no natural filter, and they are breathing approx 3 times the volume of air. Also they have a more compromised immune system due to poor oxygenation of cells. Contact Brian for skype course.


Nearly 500 people / year die from asthma in Australia

People who rely ONLY on medication NEVER get better and usually need more frequent puffs or stronger doses

ALL people who correct their breathing (Breathing Retraining course) get BETTER .. most eliminate asthma & meds forever.

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The real cause of most respiratory problems is incorrect breathing, typically over breathing (usually too much mouth breathing over time).

When people breathe too much eg a panic attack they get dizzy and faint …. this is because too much breathing causes a lack of oxygen. Our breathing starts off perfect, babies don’t snore and they sleep nasal breathing, and gradually gets worse due mainly to our modern lifestyles. Asthma & Hay fever & blocked noses are caused, no matter what you may be told, by chronic over breathing made worse by “triggers” that make the over breathing worse and flair the condition. Asthma & Hay fever are treated by drugs to reduce the “symptoms” in other words like a PAIN KILLER. People usually NEVER get better.

The stronger and more frequent the RELIEVER DRUG the weaker the breathing becomes.

The primary aim of the Breathing Retraining program is to return the breathing pattern to normal. Buteyko’s work over 50 years and clinical trials in Brisbane, New Zealand and the 600 person UK clinical trial published in 2003 and Calgary, Canada (2008) all confirm that all asthmatics and everyone with respiratory disorders breathe incorrectly. But they think it is the normal way to breathe. Their breathing has become reset to this incorrect level over time resulting in the body giving – brocho-spasm (asthma of the lungs) or sinus, hay-fever, rhinitis (asthma of the nose).

The reason why we get asthma is because our body is trying to stop us breathing incorrectly.

Western medicine believes that so called “triggers” are the cause of asthma, but these “chemicals” (dust, smoke, perfume, pollens) simply react to individuals genetic makeup causing their body to react and increase the incorrect breathing .. which is the real cause of the asthma condition and so flairs the asthma.

Most asthmatics know that puffers and strong drugs give us temporary relief but in almost all cases the asthma sufferer never gets better, and usually gets worse. Most common treatments today are strong drugs that suppress the symptoms, reduce the ability to do physical exercise and often results in new problems long term such as .. increase hay fever, colds and bronchitis, sleep disorders and daytime fatigue.

Studies in Canada and NZ have shown that as little as 4 puffs per day, of a short acting reliever will make the condition worse over time.

The Buteyko Method course retrains the person’s breathing returning them closer to the normal or correct level.

Breathing Correction with the Buteyko Method safely minimises attacks or prevents them from starting resulting in reducing or elimination of the need for medication. This usually occurs within days and shields the person from attacks at “danger times” such as with colds & flu, excess exercise or seasonal times.



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