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In Brisbane  or 45 min Skype Session – Free

How breathing works, how it changes and causes your symptoms, symptomatic treatments Vs Breathing Retraining – preparation for course.

Travel from Interstate inquire about the onsite BNB Options

Courses Normally Mon to Thursday (1.5hr/day, Thu – 1hr) day or evening sessions available, or Sat/Sun  (by arrangement)

Skype sessions at times to fit your schedule.


Weekend Course Brisbane on request, 273 Riding Road, Balmoral QLD

Kids Course QLD


Convert Mouth Breathers to Nasal Breathers

3 Days with kids + extra day with parent

Balmoral, Brisbane


We offer an initial free seminar so you can more clearly understand the method, and to answer questions to your specific symptoms.

In Brisbane or Skype Session 

call or email for appointment

273 Riding Road, Balmoral QLD

1st step is to contact me by phone or email to discuss your particular symptoms

Intro can alternatively be viewed online. 



10:30am or 6pm Usual times or by arrangement

Mon 31 March – Thu

Mon 7 April – Thu

Mon 14 April – Thu

273 Riding Road, Balmoral QLD

Also Skype available times flexible

Sat/Sun/Mon by arrangement is possible


Date Mon April 2020, (TBC) 

All courses via skype – Breathing Retraining is your best defese against Coronavirus

1pm Bracks Library Melville Rec Ctr, cnr Canning Hwy & Stock Rd

4pm OR 6:30pm Meerilinga Ctr 22 Southport Street,

West Leederville WA


Weekend courses BRISBANE

Now available email inquiry or call 0413 482 765

Kids Course QLD


Convert Mouth Breathers to Nasal

3 Days with kids + extra day with parent

Balmoral, Brisbane

Coronavirus: There is never been a more important time to correct your breathing. Virus infect via breathing primarily and mouth breathers have no natural filter, and they are breathing approx 3 times the volume of air. Also they have a more compromised immune system due to poor oxygenation of cells. Contact Brian for skype course.

People from outside of Brisbane, and all over the world do the course with Brian via Skype, contact for details. Every week I am scheduling people for Skype sessions.

Why ? – Experience, experience, experience – Australia invented the CPAP & sleep apnoea ! I’m on home ground here, the first study on Asthma was done in Brisbane Australia – you can spend your life searching the web and watching YouTube videos – tell me your symptoms and let me tailor the course for you and in 3-4 days your life will change for the better ! 

Over 6000 people trained , 14 years full time experience.

The Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health (BIBH) is the regulatory body for the Buteyko Institute Method and Practitioners. Practitioners are subject to codes of conduct and practice, teaching and training standards and mechanisms for feedback.


Brian Firth, B.Sc. Melb, Dip Ed
Sec Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health


Buteyko Health, 273 Riding Rd
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