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What is Correct Breathing

People get so confused about breathing, there are people who think they know about breathing – here is the BIGGEST fundamental mistake – DEEP Breathing is wrong and will contribute to making your automatic (i.e. Including sleep breathing) worse – just like DEEP eating!!!

If you want to have plenty of energy, and if you want your body to function properly, there is only one way to breathe. And that is, to breathe correctly – with physiologically normal breathing.

The aim of true ‘breathing retaining’ is to reset the automatic mechanism that controls your breathing which at rest is – gentle, nasal and quiet – whether you are awake or asleep ….. because it’s the automatic Breathing Centre controlling mechanism.

Breathing large, ‘deep’ breaths and pushing your abdomen outwards to completely fill your lungs is NOT physiological normal breathing. That is ‘over-breathing’ and is harmful.

Correct ie. physiological normal breathing is silent, very gentle, quiet and almost invisible while – sitting, standing, walking or sleeping.

The BIG thing modern MEDICINE misses …

If we over-eat we get over-weight gradually … and our weight changes permanently …. until we do something significant to correct the weight gain.

If we over-breathe and breathe with the upper chest & mouth during the day, our automatic all the time breathing changes, gradually.. permanently …

When the breathing gets to a certain point about 3 times the normal volume MOST people are not aware and during the day their mouth comes open to accommodate the extra volume but then at night when we lie this causes further breathing and many people find their MOUTH COMES OPEN to accommodate the extra volume and then high movement of air causes vibrations -> this causes sound = snoring , and air rushing through a narrow tube of the upper airway causing the airway walls to be sucked shut and stops the breathing for a while this is called Obstructive sleep apnoea. This also results in poor quality sleep, i.e. heavy breathing while at rest, insomnia – keeping you awake.

Most Doctors recommend drugs and probably a Sleep Study – this LABELs people as a sleep apnoea sufferer and recommend SYMPTOMATIC treatments ONLY – insisting people wear CPAP or Mandibular Splints, which work, at best, like a pain killer .. and you NEVER get better.

For some people the permanent over-breathing causes narrowing of other air tubes and irritation …. nasal sinus problems, hay fever, and for some asthma, dry mouth, restless legs, they wake unrefreshed, teeth grinding or clenching while sleeping, night time cramps, daytime sleepiness and fatigue.

Asthma and Hay Fever

Here is the problem for asthmatics, when you don’t have attacks they think they are ok, most Doctors almost always now tend to prescribe the STRONG, (symptomatic) drugs such as seretide or symbicort, which have very strong adrenal (i.e. breathing increasing) function, and people usually take these daily and are often told it’s a PREVENTER, but it isn’t, only half of it is … so breathing and the next trigger, stress or cold that increases their breathing further BAM!

Here is the reality for asthmatics and chronic hay fever- Relievers only should be taken AS needed a “preventer” You don’t take codine every day just in case you may get a headache.

Modern SYMPTOMATIC treatments

If a person is having a panic attack – extreme over breathing – a Doctor may recommend breathing into a paper bag to SLOW (reduce) the breathing.

If a person has Sleep Apnoea (sleep apnea) – Doctors recommend CPAP to SLOW their breathing all night.

If a person has asthma or hay fever or sinus blockages – Doctors recommend drugs or surgery to RE-OPEN the air tube.

These are all SYMPTOMATIC, they only reduce the SYMPTOM while you are using them.

SYMPTOMATIC treatments should be used SHORT TERM … Everyone knows PAIN relief drugs should be used short term while we seek to remedy the true underlying CAUSE of the problem otherwise we become DEPENDENT on the SYMPTOMATIC treatment.

When it comes to Sleep Apnoea and all these other conditions NO attempt is made to CORRECT the CAUSE at all except is the person happens to be overweight then they are told to lose weight, but this is extremely difficult if one has no energy due to poor quality sleep.

SIMPLE SOLUTION is to look at this incorrect breathing as the root CAUSE.

Breathing Retraining is a course which teaches people how to retrain the automatic ‘drive to breathe’ mechanism or breathing centre in the brain that controls your breathing ( i.e. THE CAUSE)… so it comes back closer to normal .. day or night awake or asleep ..

It takes 5 sessions of approximately 2hr with the first being the seminar usually on a Monday then follows Tuesday – Friday @ 2hrs its made up of exercises and education so mainly workshop …. you have to do things to get better, i.e. you don’t get better by listening …


When people learn to correct their breathing very often their life is transformed … usually, within days they are be sleeping better waking refreshed with no dry mouth …within days sleeping breathing through your nose… NO NEED for studies and CPAP, over 60% reduction in snoring within days … …. and with a little application for the rest of your life!

For Nasal problems people quickly learn the best way to clear their nose then within a day or so of applying the Method, find their nose is suddenly clear all the time!!

Brian Firth …. I had a blocked nose for 40 years, a chronic mouth breather, at age 17 and age 37 he had the usual recommended ENT nasal surgery to drill out the nasal passages – the full re-bore! neither worked. In 1999 after a Buteyko Breathing Seminar I was taught how to clear my nose, after the 2nd application of the Method retraining my breathing my nose was clear even while sleeping.

Today – I regularly swim 3 times a week, 12 laps freestyle breathing ONLY through my nose, no mouth breathing at all.

Asthmatics find that over 90% reduction in need for reliever medications within the first week.

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