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Breathing Retraining Courses

Sleep Apnoea

Asthma  ~  Snoring

Nasal Problems ~ Panic

Mouth Breathing

Understand and Treat the CAUSE not the symptoms

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The first step is a 1 hr appointment either onsite in Brisbane or via Zoom. You must understand the cause of your, sleep, asthma, or anxiety problem to take the best course of action.

In the Intro session, you will learn ….. How breathing works, how it changes and causes your symptoms, what makes breathing efficient, why some people snore and others don’t, and why some people need to breathe 5 or 10 times more air than others. The symptomatic treatments, and how Breathing Retraining will show you how to naturally correct your problems There is no obligation for you to continue and do the Course but if you do, this forms the prerequisite.

If traveling from Interstate inquire about the onsite accommodation options. We have a lovely 2 suite BNB you can book, which you can view via this link Balmoral Queenslander

Courses are Normally Monday to Thursday (1.5hr/day, Thursday – 1hr) day or evening sessions are available, or can incorporate a weekend  (by arrangement)

Zoom sessions at times to fit your schedule.

I am scheduling people every week for Zoom sessions from across the world. Contact for details. 

Why ? – Experience, experience, experience – Australia invented the CPAP & sleep apnoea.

I’m on home ground here, the first study on Asthma was done in Brisbane Australia – you can spend your life searching the web and watching YouTube videos – tell me your symptoms and let me tailor the course for you and in 3-4 days your life will change for the better.

Over 6000 people trained, 16 years full-time experience.

The Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health (BIBH) is the regulatory body for the Buteyko Institute Method and Practitioners. Practitioners are subject to codes of conduct and practice, teaching and training standards and mechanisms for feedback.


Weekend Course Brisbane on request
email inquiry firthb@gmail.com or
call 0413 482 765

Kids Course QLD

Convert Mouth Breathers to Nasal Breathers
3 Days with kids + extra day with parent
Balmoral, Brisbane ONLY – I do not teach kids via Zoom


Please call to book a 1hr appointment in Brisbane or Zoom.

1st step is to contact me by phone or email to discuss your particular symptoms.


All courses via zoom –  breathing 1 hr Consult and optional Breathing Retraining Course.

After 10 year , 6 times a year I’m not travelling but teaching lots of people in Perth via Zoom




Usual times or by arrangement
8am – 10:30am – 2pm or 5:30pm

Also Zoom is available at flexible times

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