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Breathing Retraining Courses

Sleep Apnoea

Asthma  ~  Snoring

Nasal Problems ~ Panic

Mouth Breathing

Understand and Treat the CAUSE not the symptoms

Test Yourself

Everyone can benefit from learning how to correct their breathing.

If you answer yes to any of the following then Breathing Retraining can certainly help you, otherwise the conditions will certainly persist, and probably get worse. If you address the real cause then most of these things reduce significantly, usually within days.

NOTE:  All of these conditions are usually treated

1) separately and always

2) Symptomatically ONLY

No Attempt is ever made to get you totally better unless like 1000’s of Australians you are lucky enough to find out about Breathing Retraining and do a course with an experienced Practitioner.

  • Do you breathe through your MOUTH?
    if yes contact me and do the course and convert to nasal breathing day or night within a week.
  • Do you suffer from asthma?
  • Do you snore at night?
  • Do you stop breathing in your sleep?
  • Do you suffer from sleep apnoea?
  • Can you hear yourself breathe?
  • Do you suffer from hay fever?
  • Do you take Seretide? or Symbicort?
  • Do you take Ombrez? or Seebri?  Contact me urgently
  • Do you excessively sigh, yawn, sneeze, wheeze or snore?
  • Do you suffer from a blocked nose?
  • Do you awake with a dry mouth?
  • Do you get short of breath?
  • Do you breathe more than 14 times a minute?
  • Are you told your Asthma is Controlled?
  • Does your nose block when you lie down?
  • Do you need frequent trips to toilet at night?
  • Do you wake often trough the night and can’t get back to sleep?
  • Do you get pains in your chest?
  • Do you get panic attacks?
  • Do you wake unrefreshed?
  • Do you get tired or sleepy during the day?
  • Do you use tissues constantly?
  • Do you have to drink a lot of water?
  • Do you get reflux?
  • Do you feel sick of life?
  • Do you get Restless legs?
  • Do you often get leg cramps in the early hours of the morning in bed?
  • Do you have a chronic cough?
  • Do you grind (or clench) your teeth while sleeping?

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