This is a Video of a typical Breathing Seminar. (Filmed 2007 – its a bit long and wordy now but a good summary, even if you move forward to the 40 min mark after it starts you will get the essential info )

NB if some nasty sign comes up just email me and I’ll send you a link that will work … there is a legacy censoring in the USA which should have been removed by now !  ( sorry I can’t even blame Don Trump !)

The full video here is similar to the first day information Seminar that I used to advertise to explain how breathing really works, the Buteyko history, some clinical trials, my experience, How to get your nose clear, and the application of Breathing Retraining to nasal, asthma, and sleep problems inc snoring and sleep apnoea.

I urge you to email or call me to discuss your symptoms – and tell me which city in the world that you live. You CAN get better naturally and with permanent lifelong improvement ie you will have support from me for the rest of your life, but you wont need repeated “treatments” where you keep paying and paying. 

Fix the CAUSE not just treat the SYMPTOMS. Elevated minute volume is present with ALL respiratory and sleep problems and should be the FIRST thing you correct, it will save so much angst and suffering.

If you are interested in doing the Breathing Course, 4 sessions over 4 days with this video being the preparation, the remaining 4 sessions are held in your home via skype or at my clinic in Brisbane, Australia..

Please call or email for information about your specific symptoms – sleep , asthma, panic, nasal, restless legs, chronic cough, apnoea(apnea) insomnia, low libido, TMJ, mouth breathing, pregnancy and childbirth, athletic performance I will explain specifically for your individual situation.

Why should you contact me ??

Well if I’m not the best and most experienced in the world then I’m very close to it.   For 12 years full time, over 6000 people over 70% with sleep apnoea,

Australia “invented” sleep apnoea & the CPAP !! I’m on home ground here, we are continually amazed at the lack of experience in the Nth Hemisphere !! – My course is stimulating – you’ll laugh, be motivated, you’ll cry , you’ll get better !!!

Oh you won’t cry !!!          google brian firth and read my reviews ! 


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