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Brian, my snoring was so bad it affected my wife’s sleep and my health.

From day 2 of the Butyeko course in mid-October I have not snored since (now end Dec) and my asthma is better managed (no reliever since the course). When I sense an anxiety or the beginning of asthma, I do the reduced breathing exercise and recover.

Mike Gaven

Ryde Sydney

I was diagnosed with severe Sleep Apnoea and Snoring in April 2007, blocked nose, loss of smell, restless legs and a persistent cough. Its now November and I have no sleep apnoea, have stopped snoring and my persistent cough has reduced by 80-85% I am a lot more confident about my health now.

Lyle Terlich

Farmer, The Rock NSW, 64 years

My life was a mess. I would be constantly tired. The more I slept the worse I felt.

Since I have undertaken the Buteyko course my life has changed dramatically. I now sleep through the night and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Stephen Naughton

Bendigo, VIC

I had reached a critical time in my life regarding my breathing. For years since some very stressful periods of life I was hyperventilating thinking the whole time that breathing deeper would calm me down. But it did not. By chance I read an article in the alternative publication, Nexus magazine discussing the Buteyko method.

I was at the stage where I would feel like passing out, getting pins and needles in my head and other parts of my body and suffering high anxiety.

Then I came to this site and got into contact with Victoria Bonello, who directed me to a Buteyko breathing course coming up in the Castle Hill area, run by Brian Firth.

After completing this course I am pleased to say that my anxiety is at least 90% better. The circulation in my legs has improved dramatically and I don’t have the allergic responses to dairy products that I used to. For such a simple set of techniques, the Buteyko method has changed my life.

Now I feel in control. Now I feel calm and clear.


Seven Hills, Sydney, 28 years

I moved from a Bayside suburb to Glen Waverley 43 years ago, I continually suffered from hay fever which developed in to serious sinus infections requiring anti-biotics. Also from that time I suffered from Asthma and over all these years have constantly been prescribed many different Asthma medications, until I attended the Buteyko Course 29th November 2005.

Since attending the Buteyko Course which my husband also attended to support me and helped us understand what I was trying to achieve by learning to breathe correctly. I have consistently kept the breathing exercises everyday with discipline and commitment.

I started with a Control Pause at 16 secs and after two and half months of recording my breathing exercises 3 times a day, I have achieved a Control Pause of 45 secs. As a result of this I have virtually no asthma symptoms anymore and since the course I have needed only very minimal asthma drugs, I sleep much better and after 43 years my quality of life has greatly improved.

Joan Winfield

Glen Waverley, VIC

After being diagnosed with acute sleep apnoea in 1997 and had first a nose operation I found I was still snoring and holding my breath. A sleep clinic test revealed a blood oxygen level of only 73%, so it was recommended that I use a CPAP machine. I started using the CPAP in November 1997, but in 2002 the pressure had to be increased. In the 8 years of use I ran up almost 10,000 hours without obvious improvement.

Since attending your Buteyko course in October 2005, and continuing to now breathe normally, the CPAP has not been used since the 3rd night of the course. My wife Heather says “it’s like a miracle, you seem so quiet and peaceful” I am continuing the Buteyko techniques and recommend the course to all other sleep apnoea sufferers.

Thank you for improving my quality of life. Keep up the good work.

Ian Wallace

Bendigo, VIC

Having completed the course, I’m a reformed snorer on a crusade to stop the rest of the world snoring.

I thought the only problem with snoring was that it made my partner grumpy which made me feel guilty but there’s no doubt that the quality of my own sleep has improved considerably and, for the first time in my life, I wake up being able to breathe clearly through the organ tailor-made for that purpose.

It’s seems incredible that something as relatively simple (which is not the same as easy) as the Buteyko method could make such a difference – and that seems to be the main impediment to people giving it a go.

Amanda Hampson

Sydney, NSW

I was studied at a Sleep Unit and diagnosed with sleep apnoea. I dreaded getting nasal CPAP machine and did not fill the prescription for one.

The Buteyko Health course is a natural method which put a stop to my snoring and sleep apnoea.

Norman Fong

Ryde, Sydney

I was part of the Brian’s Buteyko course at Geelong in April 2006. I have suffered from severe sleep apnoea for many years and have worn a full face mask and air pump every night for four years.

However, after having undertaken the Buteyko system and exercises, I no longer need the machine, I breathe easily through my nose, I no longer fart all the time, I have lost weight, and I feel like I’ve had a good night’s restful sleep. Another great bonus is that when I travel, I have replaced the bulk and weight of the machine and its apparatus, with a small roll of tape. I am proof of the effectiveness of Buteyko’s method and recommend it to all I know.

Bruce Murray

Geelong, VIC

A diagnosed Sleep Apnoea sufferer, I had purchased the pump, face mask, chin strap etc. For nearly a year my wife said she sleeps with Hannibal Lecter – not really the best for a happy relationship. Buteyko has now solved my problems. Since the course I now breathe right, follow the exercises and have been able to lose a little

weight. No more Annibal Lecter CPAP, now I am alert, relaxed and achieving what I want out of life. Buteyko works naturally.

Peter Kennedy

Geelong, VIC

Thanks Brian, for not only the opportunity to get some sanity back into my life, but also thank you so much for the “lifesaving” program you bring to the general public.

After years of falling asleep in conferences, meetings, sleeping through many films, TV programs and in many inappropriate places (including at a petrol station!) it is great to feel confident I can drive safely not needing to take power naps and having the police or ambulance called to “rescue” me.

After wondering why so many friends are struggling with their “breathing” with asthma, pneumonia, rhinitis and sinusitis, having sleep apnoea machines and discomfort using them, I had found mine was creating more problems, upsetting the balance of the mucous membranes in my nose in just three short months. I was already dealing with other health challenges and the CPAP machine left me frustrated rather than relieved.

It was wonderful to get such a good understanding of the cause of my chronic condition, from not only the Course, but also the literature and other research that you introduced us to. Thanks again, needless to say I no longer need to use a CPAP machine, and sleep better than ever before.

Josephine Christensen

Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC

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