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Would you like a second opinion to CPAP?

If you are here then you know what sleep apnoea, or apnea, snoring and poor quality sleep is all about. You also have been told that CPAP is the best treatment.
CPAP can be effective, if you can tolerate it, for a while, but it is symptomatic only.

Also thanks to the miracle of digital AI your devices are stuffed full all the things you should try, everyday another Facebook video comes rolling in.

Here you will find a solution that addresses the real CAUSE of your sleep problems and has successfully, personally been taught to over 6000 people.

Step 1: Understand the real CAUSE of Snoring and sleep apnoea.

The best way is to book in to a 1 hour consultation with me.

Sleep Apnoea & Snoring are BREATHING problems.

The only thing you are doing while sleeping is BREATHE. If you don’t sleep as well or you snore louder than you did say 5-10 years ago then your breathing is heavier and less efficient than it was back then. Technically you have elevated Minute Volume Breathing.  This is overlooked by all of the sleep treatments.

What most people, including doctors, do not understand, is that people’s breathing changes over time just like weight, fitness, flexibility and becomes inefficient. What I’m saying is that their min/volume breathing subtly increase over time. A good way to understand this is that when people over eat, over time they put on weight. In a similar way, but nothing to do with weight, when people over-breathe, by years of mouth breathing, stress, modern lifestyles their breathing volume increases.

When we sleep we now breathe heavy (SNORING) and inefficiently resulting in stopping breathing (APNOEA) and inefficient breathing resulting in poor quality sleep and daytime fatigue.

Solution: Understand

  1. How breathing works
  2. What makes breathing efficient, i.e. why do some people have to breathe 3, 5 10 times as much air as others to do the same task?
  3. What has made your breathing inefficient.
  4. How can you correct it naturally and permanently?

The best way is to understand this is book in to a 1 hour no obligation consultation with me.

In 2024 this with cost you A$85

Either in Brisbane, Australia or anywhere via Zoom


If you feel you are always tired and fatigued, too weak to exercise, falling asleep during the day or on the couch at night then I suggest you have a breathing problem.

In most cases daytime fatigue is caused by a combination of poor-quality sleep and inefficient breathing such that the process of getting oxygen to the cells is inefficient.

What makes good quality Sleep ?

Science says that quality sleep comes for cycling between light sleep (REM) and deep sleep (NREM) five to seven times a night. Unfortunately for many people, over time their breathing subtly increases. Usually, the mouth comes open while sleeping and for many people the breathing becomes noisy, which we refer to as snoring.

The problem now is that the breathing is inefficient, your body cells are not being oxygenated correctly and this disrupts the smooth transition through the sleep stages. People often wake a lot with racing heart as their body tries to pump more oxygen via the blood.

Night terrors and more vivid dreams occur because people get stuck in REM sleep.

Bottom Line?

The only way to improve the quality of your sleep is to improve your Breathing efficiency. The only way to do this is to reduce your minute volume breathing.

The only way to do this is through the correct training and implementation of the Buteyko Institute Method or a Breathing Retraining Course to teach you.

Breathwork, Wim Hoff, yoga breathing, videos, books none of these things can actually change your breathing 24/7. If you understand that humans breathe around 20,000 times every 24 hours, what can a half hr of so called “breathwork” do to alter the minute volume that you breathe ?

This is why breathing retraining is so unique. It actually is a proven system that will improve the unconscious breathing mechanism and reduce tour minute volume. Most of my clients find that in one week their body is needing to breathe half as much air as they were at the start and doing more.

Doing more on less breath is what a correct implantation of Breathing Retraining  will teach you.

Contact Brian, either by phone or email, for a no obligation intro session and it will change your life.

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