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The Buteyko Breathing Method

Provides relief for ….

All people with these conditions do not Breathe correctly, their breathing has become incorrect.  There are NO exceptions. Almost all MOUTH Breathe. Technically they have a high minute volume.

It is not well known in the community or in modern medicine that people’s Breathing can CHANGE. Just like our weight, fitness, flexibility or blood pressure. It is estimated that 80% of primary school age children today are already MOUTH breathers. Every child with asthma is a MOUTH breather, and asthma is just one problem – crooked teeth, long shaped face, poor sleep and poor sporting performance also is implicated with MOUTH breathing.

Everyone is familiar with the fact that when some people “over eat” their body gradually puts on weight. In a similar way …when people “over breathe”, this gradually changes their breathing mechanism. People actually come to breathe too much. (minute volume)

If you mouth breathe while walking, standing or sleeping , any stress just increases your minute volume breathing.

As your breathing slowly gets to a certain point, it often becomes difficult to nasal breathe.  During the day many people are not aware they are mouth breathing or over breathing, but when they lie down to sleep, this further increases their breathing and their mouth comes open while sleeping. Heavy often mouth breathing is noisy which we call SNORING. In other cases the heavy breathing can “suck” the airways closed and cause you to stop breathing which is SLEEP APNOEA (APNEA) or blocking noses, sinusitis, hay fever or for some (1 in 12) squeezing the bronchial tubes which of course is ASTHMA.

Sounds simple?  When we go for help for these conditions, they are all treated separately and SYMPTOMATICALLY only. We are prescribed drugs with stronger dosages over time to mask the symptoms. For nasal problems, often invasive operations are recommended.  For Sleep apnoea & snoring, we are advised to complete sleep studies and use CPAP masks, splints or machines while we sleep. Every night, and forever.

For anxiety and recurring panic attacks, sometimes drugs & counselling are recommended.

NONE of these treatments attempt to correct the person’s BREATHING. Most doctors have no idea how to change a person from a MOUTH breather to a more normal NASAL breather.

Symptomatic treatments, such as pain killers, can help – but should be considered SHORT term, while we work at the underlying problem. Relying on symptomatic treatments ONLY means a) increased dependence b) you can NEVER really get better.

The Buteyko Method, is a proven system that naturally teaches people how to “RESET” your minute volume breathing towards normal. This allows gentle 24/7 nasal breathing and eliminates most of these symptoms for good.

Are you seeking an alternative to using long term medication and devices to assist your family to sleep and breathe better. If you prefer a natural way of improving their breathing conditions and overall health we offer the Buteyko Breathing Retraining course for individuals or small groups.

Breathing Retraining Course

You can “Reset” your “all the time” Breathing with the Buteyko Method. This is gentle, nasal breathing 24/7.

The Breathing Retraining Course, introduced to Australia in 1990, spread throughout the world, it is a clinically proven method that delivers surprisingly quick and sustained relief from breathing-related problems. It is drug free and can be used by children and adults to improve their breathing and eliminate symptoms. Tens of thousands of Australians have learnt how to retrain or “reset” their “all the time” automatic breathing mechanism – which at rest is gentle, nasal and pretty quite – day or night awake or asleep.

You can convert from Mouth Breather to Nasal Breather from 5yrs – 95yrs if trained properly – Naturally.

In most cases correcting your breathing can avoid nasal surgery or ensure that surgery or dental work does not relapse. I urge you if you have been told you need nasal surgery, please do this course first, in 98% of case you will avoid costly painful surgery.

When people learn how to correct and look after their breathing it usually results in a dramatic improvement to many problems such as asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia, nasal problems, hay fever, anxiety, teeth grinding, dry mouth, restless legs and many other health conditions.

Reduce Snoring, Sleep apnoea, asthma nasal problems

The Breathing Retraining Course (Buteyko Institute Method – BIBH) – normally takes 5 sessions over 5 consecutive days for 2hrs per day 1 hr Friday. The first day is the INTRO to explain and understand the theory and plan for correction, which usually takes place on a Monday, and follows Tue-Friday.

Contact me via phone or email and let me explain your individual difficulties and symptoms. Use the contact form here (link) Use the Course Calendar here (link) Watch a version of the intro seminar online here (link)   – TAKE ACTION YOURSELF

Brian Firth

Brian Firth, is one of the most experienced Buteyko Practitioners in the world, secretary of the BIBH – the (ISO 9000) Professional Institute. I have taught over 6000 people, full time for 12 yrs. I’m based in Brisbane, Australia, my main courses are in Brisbane, SEQ and Perth, some courses in, regional centres and increasingly to individuals worldwide via SKYPE.

Suitable for people from Age 5 to 95 yrs.

For people wishing to Treat the CAUSE not just the SYMPTOMS !